Early Nazi Persecution In the 1920s, most German Jews were fully integrated into German society as German citizens. They served in the German army and navy and contributed to every field of German business, science and culture. Conditions for the Jews began to change after the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany on… Continue reading Kristallnacht


Anti-Semitic Timeline – 1933-1945

I know I haven't posted in a while, I've been focusing on my work and I've also been working on a big article in the background. For now though, I'm finding some filler to put on here in the meantime. 1933 January 30: Adolf Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Von Hindenburg. March 22:… Continue reading Anti-Semitic Timeline – 1933-1945

Naked demonstrators kill sheep under Auschwitz gates

This was actually brought to my attention on Friday evening, I was going to write something immediately after I saw it but I thought I would wait to process the event. This gave me a chance to consider all sides and possible thought processes. The incident took place beneath the main gate of Auschwitz, which… Continue reading Naked demonstrators kill sheep under Auschwitz gates

“Broken Laws” – Let’s Talk Israel Part II

These are a list of laws that Israel has apparently broken, according to the BDS movement: Israeli occupation is illegal – It is illegal under international law to acquire land by force: Israel annexed land occupied by force during 1948 and 1967 wars (lands other than those given by the UN 1947-48 partition law). Illegal… Continue reading “Broken Laws” – Let’s Talk Israel Part II