“Broken Laws” – Let’s Talk Israel Part II

These are a list of laws that Israel has apparently broken, according to the BDS movement:

  1. Israeli occupation is illegal – It is illegal under international law to acquire land by force: Israel annexed land occupied by force during 1948 and 1967 wars (lands other than those given by the UN 1947-48 partition law).
  2. Illegal Israeli settlements on occupied land – Immediately following the 1967 war, Israel began building Israeli civilian settlements on Palestinian lands, eventually building over 200 settlements throughout the occupied territories, and settling over 450,000 civilians in them, displacing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians from their own legally owned lands.
  3. Illegal to take land by force & claim sovereignty – In violation of the UN Partition plan, Israel took an extra 15% of the land in 1948, and then, following the 1967 war, Israel confiscated East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.
  4. Illegal Israeli practice of ethnic cleansing – Since 1910, in different ways, the Zionists and then Israel have taken Palestinian lands, forced native populations from their land, and then refused Palestinian landowners or tenants’ residency or employment on them. Following fighting in 1948 and then again in 1967, Palestinian civilians who wished to return to their homes in Israel and the Occupied Territories were forbidden re-entry, confirming them to increasingly smaller areas of Israel and Occupied Territories. The Israeli government enacts laws, and employs its military to keep approximately 750,000 Palestinian Arab civilians from returning to their homes following the end of fighting both in 1948 and the occupied territories in 1967. Israel then violates UN resolutions ordering them to respect Palestinians’ right to return to their homes.
  5. Israeli apartheid system is illegal – The state of Israel has a formal system of legalised discriminations against Palestinian Arabs which technically fits the official UN definition of Apartheid. Israel’s society-wide system of discrimination and isolation of the Palestinian people within Israel, and its system of exploitation, oppression and isolation in the Occupied Territories, fits exactly the official, legal UN definition of Apartheid, which is considered a crime against humanity.
  6. Massive violations of human rights – Studies by UN, I.C.J, and International Human Rights organisations have found that Israel violates the human rights of Palestinian people on a massive scale, including torture, imprisonment without charge or trial, land confiscation, harassment at checkpoints, unwarranted civilian shootings, not punishing Israeli settlers’ crimes against Palestinians, unwarranted disruption of medical care, commerce, employment, free movement, destruction of public and private property, family separation etc.
  7. Collective punishment is illegal – In response to Arab rebellion, Israeli Military takes massive action against entire Palestinians communities, for example destroying entire neighbourhoods or homes, or confiscating communal farmlands, bulldozing homes, blocking off certain areas, or not allowing civilian populations to leave their houses for extensive periods of time. This is called collective punishment because it punishes entire communities for the actions of a few.
  8. Illegal massive transformation of local laws – Israel has created a dual legal system in the occupied territories – a democratic one linked to Israel for the Israeli settlements, and an oppressive, exploitive one for the Palestinian communities run by the Israeli military committees and Israeli-controlled civic administrations, replacing all Arab government functions with Israeli military committees, and dismissing or deporting all Arab government official.
  9. Violations of U.N. Security Council resolutions – Israel has violated many U.N. Security Council resolutions especially relating to its occupations, land annexations, military aggression, HR violations, etc.
  10. Separation barrier ruled illegal – The separation barrier built by Israel snakes it way through the West Bank, isolating Palestinians from each other, from their land, work, schools and health care. The wall confiscates significant amounts of land and annexes more land to Israel. The court said “The construction of the wall being built by Israel, the occupying power, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem, and its associated regime, are contrary to international law.” “Israel is under an obligation to make reparation for all damage caused by the construction of the wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem.” The court noted that significant amounts of the West Bank are, de facto, annexed by the wall.

My response to the broken laws;

  1. Israel is a legitimate power in the land it currently controls, the reason is simple; Israel captured the West and Gaza in defensive wars, and thus should be considered a legitimate form of what is being called occupation. Other countries have captured and annexed territories in purely offensive wars and have kept the territory at no cost to the “occupying country”, Britain being the prime example. Why does Israel need to defend itself after already being attacked in war and winning land, which funnily enough is a part of war. There’s a lot of history and other politics here which I’ll go into the details of another time.
  2. Under international law, the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 prohibits countries from moving population into territories occupied in a war. The Israeli government authorised the construction of military settlements for security purposes. They were built on the fringes of the territories, along the Jordanian and Syrian frontiers and along the edges of the Sinai Peninsula. At the same time, Israel conveyed that it was willing in principle to return most of the newly captured territory. Kfar Etzion was re-established in September 1967, becoming the first civilian settlement to be built in the West Bank, defended by the fact that this small agricultural community was supplying the military at the border defence which made it legal. Personally, it may have been used to supply the military, which is legal, but the building of it without consent of the land owner is wrong. But wait, the land Kfar Etzion is built upon was purchased by Shmuel Zvi Holtzman in the 1930s, he renamed the settlement to Kfar Etzion. The Jews who were living there were forced to leave in the wake of the 1936-39 Arab revolt. In 1943-47 the kibbutz movement sent out a group of settlers who took back Kfar Etzion, by this time the area was under Jordanian rule. So, it was Jewish originally, then the Arabs took it, but now Israel (THE JEWISH STATE) has taken back the land, it’s suddenly illegal. Ok then.
  3. Just look at 1 and think Britain. As for sovereignty, how can Israel claim sovereignty when the Arabs want to take back what is wrongfully theirs? When Israel was first born as a country, the Jews and Israeli’s wanted peace with their Arab neighbours, but it was the Arabs hat started causing the trouble and attacking Israelis.
  4. Ethnic cleansing… really?!? You want to talk to Jews about ethnic cleansing…??? “Since 1910, in different ways, the Zionists and then Israel have taken Palestinian land…” that is just ridiculous, I can’t even warrant that comment with a response.
  5. “Committed in the context of an institutionalised regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.” This is the actual UN definition of apartheid. Please tell me how Israel is systematically oppressing Palestinians, especially in a manner that could be interpreted as apartheid, because I would love to know. Israel has a population of 8,585,500, Arabs take up 20.7% of that (1,688,600), so as we can see, obviously, the government is oppressing all 1.6 million Arabs with ease, just ask them.
  6. On March 24, 2016, the U.N. Commission o the Status of Women (CSW) wrapped up its annual meeting in New York by condemning only one country for violating women’s rights anywhere on the planet – Israel, for violating the rights of Palestinian women. We’ll ignore the fact that women have pretty no other rights than that of suffrage in Palestine, you know, their own country. North Korea, Iran, Syria, they have no rights at all for women, but Israel, where a woman can do just as much as a woman here in England, is clearly infringing on their rights. As for the other human rights aspects of Israeli’s and Israeli soldiers needlessly killing Palestinians and doing so for fun is bullshit, excuse my French. I have a friend who was an Israeli soldier, they have never killed a Palestinian civilian for fun, in fact no civilian, the only times a civilian gets killed is due to a bomb or suicide bombing and things of that ilk. Yes, he has shot a Palestinian, one that was on a Jewish school bus with hand grenades. There is no slander deemed to vile for the U.N. human rights bodies that routinely listen to highly orchestrated Palestinian versions of the ancient blood libel against the Jews.
  7. Yes, collective punishment is illegal, and unfortunately, yes, Israel is practicing collective punishment. I’m not making up excuses here, but when your Arab neighbours don’t even want you there and try to attack you and your people at every possible chance, why take the risk of saying “ah it was just them, the rest of that family is fine, they wouldn’t do that”, you surely must be allowed to take precautions to protect the rest of your people, or is it against human rights to protect your citizens their right to live?
  8. “Illegal massive transformations of local news”, local laws can be changed, there’s no law against changing the law… As for replacing all Arab government functions with Israeli military committees, if you own the land that it’s on, why would you let Arabs run something that belongs to Israel? To be honest, I don’t think military committees are necessarily the way to go but hey, it’s Israeli and it’s in Israel.
  9. “Israel has violated many U.N. Security Council resolutions” – 28, most of which shouldn’t even be in place

“especially relating to its occupations” – you mean those ones on Israeli land

“land annexations” – oh, those annexations from when Israel won the land when pushing back the Arab attacks

“military aggression” – because defending yourself from almost constant attacks from Arabs is now a crime apparently, especially when you succeed in fending them off

“HR violations” – I agree that some of these should be dealt with by Israel, to show that they can listen to the UN and that they want to actively work on being an all-encompassing country

  1. The good old West Bank Wall, the protects Israel from Palestinians, is illegal because Palestinians don’t like it. Opponents of the ‘barrier’ claim it seeks to annex Palestinian land under the guise of security and undermines peace negotiations by unilaterally establishing new borders. When in actuality it protects Israeli citizens from the Palestinian threat, let me use some facts to defend this. Between 2000 and July 2003 (completion of the ‘first continuous segment’) 73 suicide bombings were carried out from the West Bank, while from August 2003 to the end of 2006, only 12 attacks were carried out.

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